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This vase can be used as a flower container or as a sculptural decorative piece.


Moon Jar and Low Relief Circles Series

This piece merges two of our series together: Moon jars and Low Relief Circles.

Moon Jars were originally made of porcelain in Korea during the Joseon Dynasty at the end of the XIV century. They were used as wine containers, flower vessels, and or votive pieces. Culturally, Moon Jars are an iconic Korean ceramic object. We have reinterpreted this traditionally milky white vessel with our Dominican blend of clays, which results in a dark stoneware surface.  

The pot's surface has hand engraved low relief circles with linear patterns. This engraving  is a surface texture that we apply on many of our pieces at Casa Alfarera. Once the piece is fully glazed, the engraved patterns are carefully wiped clean, revealing the stoneware at the base.



All of our pieces are hand made in the Dominican Republic by trained artisans. 

Moon Jar

  • Gloss white glaze with exposed stoneware engraving