The Colonial City of Santo Domingo is the first European settlement in the Americas, and our house is located in the heart of this historic neighborhood. Casa Alfarera’s home is a XVII century building that underwent a complete preservation and restoration process in order to become a pottery workshop and boutique. 

Our raw materials and ceramic wares are processed and created in house. The workshop occupies the majority of the space in the building and is located right behind the wooden doors inside the boutique. Feel free to knock and watch us work.


In addition to our ceramics, we offer pieces from fellow makers:

Friends in the shop

Sira Bejar

Antique furniture and accessories curated and restored by Spanish specialist Sira Bejar.

Libros Ambar

Dominican editorial with a focus on local heritage. All proceeds are destined to Fundacion Abriendo Camino.


Artisan pieces and curiosities from all over the world curated by interior designer and author Carlos Mota.

Our Story

Casa Alfarera Santo Domingo is a stoneware workshop located in the Colonial City of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. It was founded in 2013 by ceramist Ysabela Molini. 

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